Rx-Saver is a prescription drug discount card offered by Sunergeo, Inc. Sunergeo, Inc. is a marketing company involved in the prescription drug benefit industry; it has developed a strong reputation as a leader in this industry since its incorporation in 1992. Senior management of Sunergeo, Inc. has a combined 30 years of experience in the prescription drug industry.

Since its inception Sunergeo, Inc. has been offering prescription drug discount benefit programs to major clients with existing distribution/sales networks. Sunergeo’s client list has included AFLAC; the credit card operations (via United Marketing Group, a direct mail marketing syndicator) of Mobil Oil, Chevron, Texaco, UNOCAL and Exxon; National Association of Professional Agents; plus other insurance/healthcare related companies, agencies and associations.

Since 1992, Sunergeo has facilitated the purchase of over $300 million in prescription drugs with over $62 million in savings to individuals.

Sunergeo, Inc. is offering Rx-Saver to make available its prescription savings programs directly to individuals. Rx-Saver provides the most convenient hassle-free way to purchase high quality prescriptions with large savings to over 80 million individual Americans who are not covered under some kind of prescription insurance or savings program.

Sunergeo, Inc. is committed to helping you fight the rising costs of prescription drugs. With average savings of 21% at 63,000+ pharmacies nationwide (savings can be 50% or more). Savings are available on all brand name and generic drugs.

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