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How do I use my RxSaver card?
Simply print out your card and take it to the pharmacy of your choice. Your pharmacy will input the information into the computer and keep a permanent record for you. Each time you return, the savings will automatically be applied to your prescription.

Where can I use my RxSaver card?
Over 63,000+ pharmacies nationwide, including all major chains such as CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Eckerd, Kroger, HEB, Fiesta, Randalls, and Target, accept the RxSaver discount prescription drug card. Search our website or call 1.877.410.0190 to locate a participating pharmacy near you.

Can I use the RxSaver card with my prescription insurance card?
You may not use your prescription insurance card and your RxSaver card at the same time. If you have prescription insurance, that will be the card you will most likely want to use. However, when your insurance plan does not cover a drug or offers poor coverage, we then recommend the RxSaver card.

How much does this cost me?
Your RxSaver discount prescription drug card is completely free.

How much can I expect to save?
Since 1992, our customers have saved an average of 21% on their prescription drug purchases. Savings can vary from 0% (on rare occasion) to 50% or more. We have helped people save over 62 million dollars and we can help you save too.

Who is eligible for the RxSaver card?
Everyone is eligible for the RxSaver discount prescription drug card. There are no waiting periods, pre-existing exclusions, deductibles, age, or income requirements.

How can you provide this service for free?
Because of our size, we are able to negotiate lower prices with pharmaceutical companies. We get paid by pharmaceutical companies when you save money. We both win.

If you have additional questions, please email us.


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3. If you don't already have a card or are not affiliated with
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