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?As a single Mom with three children, I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing your card has been to me.

Thank you so very much!?

?Trish B., South Carolina

?We have been using our RxSaver card for over six months now. You were right; it really is easy to use.?

?Robert R., Utah

?At first I was skeptical. After our conversation, I gave the card a try. I am so glad I did. I save over 40% on my two daily medications. I now tell all my friends about RxSaver.


?Mark J., Texas

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*To obtain a group number, you can:
1. Enter the group number from your current
RxSaver card (RxGrp)
2. Contact your association or organization
3. If you don't already have a card or are not affiliated with
a covered organization or association, simply enter "WEB"

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